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[h2 size="h1" color="000000" font="arial" align="left"]Currently Using A Great Autobuyer but Seeing No Results? – Thats About To Change![/h2]

You can easily be making 10k, 50k or even 100k PER TODAY!

I have been Fifa Players since 1998! And have played way over 2000 Ultimate Team Games! I Enjoy trading – but at the same time I am not afraid to admit I enjoy using Gemini Autobuyer! :)

An autobuyer gives you more flexibility more freedom, whether it is to waste coins on opening packs, or buying TOTY Messi, or even building a team like what I had end of Fifa 13…

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 20.44.33

I speak to a lot of  Gemini Autobuyer users who just can’t seem to crack the code and are either loosing more than they are putting in – as they are trading with the wrong players, or it is taking them forEVER to see any results as they only make 50 coins per player. But as the saying always goes…
[h1 size="h1" color="c20b15" font="arial" align="center"]“The Money Is In The LIST!”[/h1]

I have spent hours and probably traded with every player currently on FUT 14 whether they are Bronze, Silver or Gold – I know the right players to trade with and the correct price they go for.

Stop wasting Time & Effort trying to figure out the correct formula to using Gemini Autobuyer! Ask yourself this – Why are you using a Autobuyer?

  • To Create The Best Fifa Team?
  • To Buy That One Player You’ve Always Wanted?
  • To Sell Your Coins?
  • All The Above??

Whichever is right for you – You have to understand…

[h1 size="h1" color="c20b15" font="arial" align="center"]“Stop wasting Time!!!!”[/h1]

As the saying goes time is money, and your wasting a lot of time figuring out who to trade with and you clearly not making much money (or coins in this instants.) So you are sitting by your computer testing different, players, consumables and so on but find that your coins are not even totalling past 25,000 Then you are clearly doing something wrong – and that has to change!

You’ve clearly invested money into Gemini Autobuyer which to be honest is one of the best Autobuyers out on the market – so let us take the strain and pain away from you so you can enjoy actually using an Autobuyer.


[h1 size="h1" color="c20b15" font="arial" align="center"]“Your probably wondering – WHY AM I SELLING THESE LISTS??”[/h1]

It is a very good question and the reasoning is I feel I got a lot from Fifa 13 – used pretty much every player and squad you can think of! I also want to help those who are wanting to be able to build the coins as a lot of people are just DAMN RIGHT STRUGGLING!

[h1 size="h1" color="c20b15" font="arial" align="center"]“Your probably wondering – How Do we Know Your The Real Deal???”[/h1]

Pictures say it all right?

Xbox Account

That screenshot is taken directly from one of my Xbox Accounts – so you can see making coins can be done – I don’t buy MSP or PSN Points just hard work – and you can be the same!


We will not be able to offer this sort of service to everyone as we do not want the market to get saturated.  With that also I did plan to limit it as I do not want to over crowd the market with everyone competing for the same players which means it would be pretty much pointless!

[h1 size="h1" color="c20b15" font="arial" align="center"]“WHAT DO I ACTUALLY GET??”[/h1]

How it will work you are purchasing a unique list put together by myself – which means it will be handpicked just for you! Your list may consist of 10 players it may consist of 25 whatever the case you will get the results you are wanting! Does this list work – yes it is tested but like anything it is not guaranteed – players have been tested at different times and days – but things such as happy hours, Webapp down etc can affect results.

[h1 size="h1" color="c20b15" font="arial" align="center"]“Price??”[/h1]

With that also been said I want it to be affordable but at the same time exclusive to a selected number of Gemini Autobuyer Users. So we have different packages available for all which also comes with a standard version and a premium version. Some people may say it is too expensive – but at the end of the day with the profit you make – you can easily recoup your cost after a week or so…

The difference?

Standard version

  • List of players which suits your current coin level
  • Pricing of what to buy for and sell for

Premium Version

  • List of players which suit your coin level
  • Updated Prices of what to buy and sell Updated Every 2 Days
  • Skype Private Group

Payment option is Paypal – If you want to pay via MB please contact us and get 10% off.


[h1 size="h1" color="c20b15" font="arial" align="center"]“How To Order”[/h1]

Select the chosen package below

Once purchased you need to email us: info {@} with:


Transaction ID:

XPS User (if member):


Current Coins To Use:

Once sent we can then process your order – please allow upto 24 hours before getting in touch with us about receiving your list – some will take longer than others as these lists are customised for YOU only.

[h1 size="h1" color="0a1a82" font="tahoma" align="center"]10k List – Just £7.99![/h1]


[h1 size="h1" color="0a1a82" font="tahoma" align="center"]25k List – Just £14.99![/h1]


[h1 size="h1" color="0a1a82" font="tahoma" align="center"]50k List – Just £24.99![/h1]


[h1 size="h1" color="000000" font="arial" align="left"]PREMIUM PACKAGES[/h1]

[h1 size="h1" color="0a1a82" font="tahoma" align="center"]10k List – Just £7.99+ £3.99 PM![/h1]Currently Not Available


[h1 size="h1" color="0a1a82" font="tahoma" align="center"]25k List – Just £14.99+ £3.99 PM![/h1]Currently Not Available


[h1 size="h1" color="0a1a82" font="tahoma" align="center"]100k List – Just £39.99 + £5.99 p/m![/h1]


[ps color="000000" font="arial" align="left" size="small"]P.S – Remember, there are limited places. I guarantee they’ll go fast! Don’t miss out![/ps]

[ps color="000000" font="arial" align="left" size="small"]P.S – You will be making as much or as little as you want it is totally upto you![/ps]


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